Send notes or files that will self-destruct
after being read.


01Are the messages really hidden from the third parties?

Yes, thanks to a two-level encryption system. At the first stage, the message is sent to the server via SSL certificate with a high degree of protection. Next, the note is encrypted with your password or a specially generated code. The content and the original message hash are stored in the system. You can decrypt a note or file using the password you specified earlier. After reading and checking the hash of the original version with the current one, the message is automatically deleted from the system. You can set the time to keep the message in the system, but not more than 30 days.

02How can I send a link to a message to another person?

Multiple channels are available to send a link, including e-mailing, Skype, Telegram etc. A request for a preview page in these messengers can lead to the opening of the message and its destruction. To prevent accidental opening and loss of data when sending, check the settings.

03Can I send a message or file to two recipients or a group of people?

It's possible. It is important to set the time after which the message will be available to recipients. Then, upon reading of the message by the first recipient, it will still remain. After the specified retention period expires, the message disappears from the system.

04What if there was an error and the message went to wrong person?

There are two ways to protect against this error. The first is to open a link to the message in your browser. The encrypted message will be destroyed. It is important to initially specify this option in the settings on the site. The second one is to remove cookies from sender’s computer immediately after detecting the erroneous sending.

05How can I learn when the note is read?

Specify your e-mail address when creating the message. This will allow you to get opening notification.

06Can the recipient copy the whole message or its part upon reading it?

Indeed. Copying a message or its part is possible. Privatty’s task is to protect notes from unauthorized access by unwanted persons. The file will be read only once and only by those to whom it has been addressed, if the message creator has not set other options (by default).

07Can I view my recently read message several times?

As soon as the message is read, its data will be destroyed. Going back or refreshing the page will not return you to the message.

Be careful not to miss the details when reading. If you need some data from the message, just copy it. Destruction of information is a great safety measure in case you read the message, switch to a phone call and leave the office. None of your colleagues will be able to read your personal correspondence. Even if you use one mail server, your messages are available only to you and your recipients.

08How long the unread messages are kept on Privatty server?

The maximum retention period is 30 days. In the settings, you can specify a certain time period for your recipient to read the message. After this period, the note and its data will be deleted from the server. Detailed information is available in the Privacy Policy section.

09What is Privatty Premium?

Privatty Premium is a feature that allows you to use the advanced functionality of the site. To purchase access to Premium, you need to subscribe by entering your e-mail to which a private link will be sent to access the service.

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