Send notes or files that will self-destruct
after being read.

About Privatty

In our times, when different types of Internet fraud and ways to access user data are well-developed, many users are afraid to send confidential data because of the insecurity and risk of access by third parties.

How can you avoid this and be able to share the information with your colleagues, friends and family and still keep your privacy?

We present you Privatty – a unique free service which allows to exchange confidential messages via the web. Our service is easy to use and does not require compulsory registration.

For accessing advanced features you may switch to Privatty Premium tariff, which makes it possible to use the service functionality in full scope.

How it work?

How it work

Create a note (a confidential message) and get the link. Copy the link and send it to a recipient by e-mail or instant messaging.

A one-time key is needed to encrypt the note. It is located at the message sender’s device and is transmitted to the recipient along with a link to the note. The note is encrypted with a key. The message is stored as a code in the database. You need a private key to open it. When your friend or colleague opens the message, the hash of the initial version of the note is checked against the hash of the current one. In case of a match, the message is transmitted, and the data about it are self-destructed in the system.

In case of any matters concerning the operation of our service please write us at Also, don’t forget to take a look at our FAQ section.

More detailed look at how confidentiality is secured is given in the Privacy Policy section.

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