Send notes or files that will self-destruct
after being read.


Privatty API

Good news for our partners and those wishing to become one! Developers can also create applications based on Privatty API. Our HTTP API let you easily create applications for iOS, Android, Browser, Mac OS, Windows, Linux and etc. You can make you're own self-destroyed notes application uses our servers.

26 Jun 2019

Privatty Premium

We are happy to announce the opening of premium access to our service! Privatty Premium provides a higher level of protection and privacy and allows you to use advanced features of our site. Use the promo code EQ3IW3B3QP to get 10% discount.

01 Sep 2018

Welcome to the private notes and files service

We are proud to announce the launch of the new Private notes & files website. This is a Privatty. You can now easily create private notes, encrypt it and share to friends. Notes or files will self-destruct after being read. Please explore the updated website. We would be grateful for any feedback.
01 Jul 2018

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